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PropTech is an Australian owned and operated company and we specialise in propellers.

We can scan your current propellers using Prop Scan® equipment, examine the results and provide you with an assessment of their condition. Different options for improving their performance can be discussed through modification or correction or first making repairs if damaged.

Work is undertaken by a Prop Scan® certified technician, using the latest available technology. At PropTech we specialise on propellers up to 28" in diameter from cruisers, yachts and commercial vessels.

In addition to working with cruisers and yacht propellers, we also assess race propellers - circuit, ski and wake board boats and provide details and condition reports.  Propellers from outboard motors and stern drive units are also welcomed.  Where modifications are indicated or required to suit particular applications we can do this work in our premises located in Hornsby, NSW.
We can provide selection information for propeller replacement and can manage the procurement from original manufacturers, local or overseas foundries or from after market suppliers.
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